It’s easy to hire the right apprentice with VACC! Taking on apprentices or trainees can provide real benefits for your business. They can contribute significantly to your bottom line, with practical skills and knowledge acquired through their training. To learn more about the services VACC provides to  host employers and why you should hire a VACC apprentice, click on the image links below and take the hassle out of hiring.

Employer Obligations

  • Provide an environment conducive to the apprentice’s development of workplace skills.
  • Provide a safe working environment which complies with the relevant award requirements.
  • Provide training and work to the apprentice/trainee relevant to the apprenticeship/traineeship.
  • Assign existing qualified and competent staff to guide, develop and encourage the apprentice.
  • Identify areas in which the apprentice can be trained and assessed in their workplace.
  • Establish the areas that require additional assistance or reinforcement.
  • Alert the Auto Apprenticeship Field Manager regarding training, progress or assessment issues.
  • Discuss the progress of the apprentice with the VACC and assist in developing a necessary plan of action.
  • Check and sign time sheets for hours worked.
  • Ensure the apprentice/trainee attends all off-the-job training at TAFE or relevant institution.
  • Allow the VACC Field Officer access to the apprentice/trainee during working hours to discuss his or her progress.
  • Notify VACC Automotive Apprenticeships immediately of any accident/incident.
  • Pay the weekly VACC invoice within seven days of receipt of invoice.

Why hire an apprentice or trainee?

  • Foster the future of the automotive industry and help reduce the current skills shortage
  • School-Based Trainees are a great chance to look at a prospective apprentice in the workplace
  • VACC Automotive Apprenticeships take the work out of finding the best candidate and all the administration involved—all you have to think about is training and directing them in the workplace. VACC provides a dedicated Field Officer for each apprentice to ensure everything is running smoothly, and are available to help remedy any tricky situation which may arise