Conflict of Interest Policy


To manage any potential conflict of interest with the VACC Automotive Apprenticeships and other organisations.


If, when dealing with members, suppliers, or other organisations, you believe that your obligations to VACC may be compromised, you should immediately advise your VACC Automotive Apprenticeships Field Manager.

All staff will disclose immediately any personal interest, refraining from activities which conflict with the interests of the VACC Automotive Apprenticeships.

Any staff member who makes such a disclosure will be excluded from any duty that could be seen to give rise to a conflict of interest.

You must not be directly or indirectly engaged, concerned or interested in any other trade, business, occupation or activity which is or may be in direct competition with VACC training operations,  or affect your ability to perform your duties for VACC.

You must not, without our written permission, work (paid or unpaid) for anyone else while employed by VACC Automotive Apprenticeships. Permission may be given where VACC training is of the opinion that such work will not harm it’s business interests or either affect your ability to carry out work for VACC Automotive Apprenticeships, or affect or hinder any other employees carrying out their duties with VACC Automotive Apprenticeships.

Complaints Handling Process

All complaints concerning a perceived conflict of interest will be handled in accordance with the established complaints procedures of the VACC Automotive Apprenticeships